15 November 2012

Carry on, pro-life warriors

by: John B. Juat

Get up, pro-life warriors, and stay awake
The enemy is advancing at such a quick pace
Arise, warrior, the future is at stake
Quickly put on your armor of God's grace

Take courage, fellow warriors, and feel no sense of shame
What we are fighting for is definitely worth it
We are fighting for the unborn, the family, and God's Holy Name
Carry on, pro-life warriors. Don't be disheartened. Don't ever quit.

In this war between the darkness and the light
We find ourselves among those in the frontline
It is true we will definitely be wounded in the fight
But let us put our trust in Him and allow His power to shine

Carry on, pro-life warriors, stand true to our mission
Even if our enemies surround us at every side
We will suffer and we will fall, but rise and carry on
The Holy Spirit is our Helper, our Strength and our Guide.

Against the evil forces that bring confusion, fear and destruction
Fear not, warriors of Christ, we will claim our victory
Even if we should suffer discouragement and persecution
Let us all stand firm, all for His greater glory