28 September 2011

Attempting True Development

Attempting True Development
by: John B. Juat

Quickly kill the RH bill; send it to the trash
It's dividing the nation; It's making people clash
Different groups name-call and use rude comments to bash
It is an insult if we should exchange our culture for cash

The RH bill is but a waste of time and of people's tax
Why don't we invest instead in what our country lacks?
Read the bill and research in order to know the facts
In this way, we become pro-active rather than being lax

The RH bill is dangerous because of its strategy: stealth.
It disguises their population control agenda using "reproductive health"
There are many things harmful and deceitful; it's not only about health
It's about trying to limit our population - our country's wealth

How come in essential things, the budget is significantly cut?
It is our poor brothers that would have benefited, is it not?
Three billion pesos is a big amount that can benefit quite a lot!
Let's give them what they truly need; let's not keep our eyes shut

HIV, maternal health and infant health are already addressed in existing laws
Why invest time and money in the RH bill when it's filled with flaws?
If we allow this bill to pass, our country will be at a loss
Listen to us, our president; after all you said "we are your boss"

If we should truly progress, we should have one vision
We should try to find a way to end graft and corruption
Use our wealth wisely, ensure its proper allocation
Rather than promote harmful means to limit the population

There are a lot more practical ways to use our country's money
Than to promote contraception and instill a very unhealthy mentality
We are aware of the problems, let us solve each of them accordingly
If we do this, we are surely on our way to true development in our country

Invest in education, health care and infrastructure
Create livelihood, promote tourism and agriculture
These are some things we need so we can be sure
That our beloved Philippines will have a good future

*I made this poem as inspired by the 9 Young Legislators and YUP! (Youth United for the Philippines)