23 July 2014


by: John B. Juat

I thank the Lord for giving me

Thousands of reasons to be happy
Hundreds of little miracles which i ought to see
A trustworthy friend that brings out the best in me
New opportunities to prove how much I love Thee
Knowing people who are examples of real charity

You're the one I'm especially thankful for
One big miracle; now I can't ask for more
Understanding and patient even when I close my door

Seventeen years have already been through
Only have I been truly happy the moment I found you

Many are the things i wish to say
Under the protection of God, may you always stay
Continue being who you are; love and serve day to day
Happiness for you, I shall always pray

Thank you, Gabbie

Thank you, Gabbie
(a poem in honor of Gabriella P. Jose) +
By: John Walter Brown Juat

Thank you Lord for the gift of our dear Gabbie
For giving her a loving and wonderful family
Mitch, John, Matthew, you are truly blessed greatly
Because you have raised her to be the best that she could be

Gabbie, you have blessed us with your simplicity
Your strength and perseverance during your agony
Thank you Gabbie, for accepting this cross lovingly
Because through it, you have truly inspired many

Though we miss you beyond words, Gabbie,
We are comforted by the fact that you are now happy
Face to face with God, for all eternity
Forever praising Him; sharing in His glory

With the guidance and love of our Mama Mary,
From all pain and suffering, you are now free.
Gabbie, pray for us as we continue life’s journey;
Watch over us and lead us Home, where you are, safely

As much as we miss you, Gabbie, we miss you terribly
You will forever be alive in our heart and in our memory

Tribute to Fr. Francisco Bernardo

Fr. Francisco Bernardo
 ni: John B. Juat

Aking mahal na si Fr. Bernardo
Na siya rin tinatawag na Father Lolo
Isa ka sa pinaka mabuting taong nakilala ko
Sapagkat pinakita mo si Hesus sa buhay mo

Masakit sa akin ang pagkawala mo sa mundo
Ngunit… nagsasaya ka na sa maraming mga palasyo
Dahil pinaglingkuran mo ang napakaraming tao
At pinaramdam mo sa amin ang pagmamahal ni Kristo

Ang natutunan ko sa iyo ay kabutihang asal
Ako ri’y natutong kumapit at magtiwala sa Maykapal
Naranasan ko rin ang iyong matinding pagmamahal
Iilan ito sa mga natutunan kong aral

Napalapit ako sa iyo ng dalawang taon
Sa iyo ko todong naramdaman ang pag-ibig ng Panginoon
Dahil sa salita mo, nalagpasan ko ang ilang hamon
Pati narin sa pagtawag ng Diyos ay lagi tumugon

Kahit ikaw ay wala na sa mundong ito
Parati ka parin nabubuhay sa aking puso
Ikaw, lo, para sakin ay isa sa mga santo
Sana ay sa lahat ng paghihirap ay gabayan niyo ako

Habang ikaw, lo, ay nagsasaya kapiling ni Maria
Wala ka ng hirap! Puro na lang ginhawa
Buong buhay mong inialay sa paglingkod sa kapwa
Kaya parati ka naming maaalala sa aming puso’t diwa

Napakarami mong ginawang kabutihan sa iyong buhay
Para lamang sa ngalan ng Diyos, ang sarili mo ay inialay
Ang mga aral na mula sa iyo ay parati nasa aming malay
Ibang klase ka lo, wala kang kapantay!!!

Hanggang sa muling pagkikita natin diyan sa Langit, lo…
                                           Mananatili ka sa puso ko. Mahal na mahal ko kayo


John B. Juat

Have you ever asked why the grass is green?
Or why the rainbows are filled with beauty?
All things on earth is a romantic scene
For God made us part of His love story

Our planet is truly a pleasant place
Birds that chirp and the chilly breeze gives peace
The beauty of nature is part of His grace
I pray that this beauty will never cease

However, our resources do not last
Before we know, all things will be consumed
Will our children see the beauty so vast?
Or will they live on earth already doomed?

Let us all do our part to save this earth
So our kids can see the world in its worth!

Isang Daang Milyon

Isang Daang Milyon
Ni: John B. Juat

Aabot na raw sa isang daang milyon
Ang dami ng ating populasyon
Paano na? Paano na tayo ngayon?
Ano nga ba ang tamang aksyon?

Paano na ang mahihirap na walang makain?
Kaya pa ba natin sila palakihin?
Paano ang mga bata? Kaya ba natin sila paaralin?
Isang daang milyon na tayo. Ano ang ating gagawin?

Isang daang milyon nga tayo, e ano ngayon?
Hindi ito ang problemang kailangan ng solusyon
Kurapsyon ang tunay na salarin, hindi ating populasyon
Na siyang tunay na yaman ng ating mahal na nasyon

Hindi lamang dami ng populasyon ang ating dapat suriin
Napakaraming malalaking isyu ang dapat lutasin
Kapakanan ng bayan, ating bigyan pansin
Huwag lang ang ating sarili ang asikasunin

Sa aking puso’t isipan, ang Pilipinas ay kaya bumangon
Sa kahit anong pagsubok, kahit anong hamon
Bayanihan ay ipakita, tayo na at umaksyon
Para tapusin na ang tunay na problema, ang kurapsyon

Maging bukas, kababayan, sa tunay na salarin

Huwag gawing rason ang dami ng populasyon natin

22 July 2014

My Everything

John B. Juat

Everytime I see your face
time seems to skip a pace
I hope to be with you 'till the end of days
For you always inspire me to run life's race

I do love thee my little queen
your beauty is the best the eye has seen
though imperfect, for me perfect you have been
all of these things I really mean

among all I've met, you have the heart of gold
so much is your love, it will never run cold
when you correct me you are always bold
it is your hands I always long to hold

I can never seem to forget your smile
your charming face and your great style
for you I will go the extra mile
If only assured you'll walk with me down the aisle

Let me stay in your arms, my dear
I’ll never leave you. I’ll always be here


By: John B. Juat

You are someone very blessed
I know you can succeed whatever test
Just go to Him, and you’ll have rest
Before you know it, you’ll be at your best

Stand up, be strong, and have no fear
Just call on me and immediately I’ll be near
When you have things to say, I’ll lend my ear
And for sure I’ll wipe away every drop of tear

You have made me happy and strong
So I’ll be here even when things go wrong
Whatever happens, just thank God in prayer and in song
And you can bet a million angels will be singing along

I hope that you will be happy everyday
For you and your family I will always pray
Follow and love Christ for He is the way
For Joy and peace to be experienced day by day

I will always be here for you
I will be myself, I will be true
You are one of the best friends I ever knew
I will make it a point never to leave you sad and blue

What I wish for you is good health and success
Peace, love, and a lot of happiness
Even though we have our carelessness
Remain brave and show them all you’ve got, no less

Be careful in choosing the path you take
And most especially the friends you make
It’s not only for my joy, but for your sake
So that peace of mind of yours will never be fake

Always be humble and learn from the wise
Some of them may be angels in disguise
Keep in mind that you were bought at a great price
One which needed our Christ’s supreme sacrifice

You really mean a lot to me
I want you to be the best you can be
There is one thing in you that I can clearly see
The love of Jesus in your heart, burning brightly



John Walter B. Juat

I woke up and the sky was black
Everything was but a painting

            I waited
And soon the sun greeted me
Its orange rays pampered my skin
Like dew drops drizzling
The chorale of birds began their chants
The bees danced to the music of the wind
The apple-colored bud bloomed to an adult rose
The trees waved its hello to me
The grass bowed down before me
Like a servant to a Chinese emperor
Rainbow butterflies whispered me a love note
The mantis clapped its hands and found its way to play sack race
The fresh breeze kissed me
And the little bushes wiggled their hair

I was sitting all alone
When I heard a voice
He was my dear friend clothed in the sun
He was the boy child Jesus, the master gardener
Along with Him were seven white doves.
He embraced me and said, “Welcome.”
“Welcome to a new day.”

21 July 2014


by John B. Juat

All kinds of suffering storming me
like a giant tsunami battering the coast
            broken families
            babies screaming within pleading for their lives
            street vendors eating only once a day

Meteorites are plunging down
crushing my hopes
            of a usual ending in a fairy tale
to a drop of water against the vast ocean.

Daggers are flying at the speed of light
finding its way to my heart

air turns to poison
the breeze touches me like a hurricane
a drizzle comes crushing me like a hundred elephants
and the heavens disintigrate into a dark abyss

I woke up          suddenly
pupils dilated
heart beating ever so quickly
catching my breath
sweat were flowing flooding the floor

i sat
quenched my thirst and screamed

"this is just a nightmare"