10 December 2014


by: John Juat

Do you ever feel down, depressed and lonely?
Is your heart filled with heaviness and anxiety?
Are you discouraged by the sins you do repetitively?
Then it's about time you reflect on God's mercy

Recall once again the poor woman caught it adultery
Jesus came to her side and treated her with mercy
Instead of being stoned, Jesus forgave her completely
It is truly great to ponder on this mystery

Let us also take advantage of Jesus' love for humanity
By loving and going to Confession frequently
For in every time we confess our sins sincerely
We are embraced by Jesus, forgiven and accepted wholeheartedly

How then do we minister to the weak and the needy?
The abandoned, the sick, the poor and the lonely
Console them, spend time with them and see their dignity
For in the eyes of our Lord Jesus, we are but one family

Let us obey Jesus' words on how to show mercy
By clothing the naked and feeding the hungry
Visiting the sick and imprisoned, showing them charity
For whatsoever you do to the least, you do to Me

Let us show love to the last, least and lost of society
By empathizing with them, by entering into their misery
No matter how little we think we have, choose to give freely
Without seeking anything in return, and in humility

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