12 May 2011


by: John B. Juat

Contraceptives have been used a lot in our recent history
They are easily available; some are even given for free!
I wonder which is the perfect contraceptive for me
I'll try to ask around; I'm really interested to see

What will happen if I choose to take the pill?
I think it will solve my problems. I think it will
No, they tell me, my own child i could kill
and it will only make me feel very ill

What about a condom, is it the best for me?
Can i be assured that with it, there will no longer be pregnancy?
No, they tell me, and I'll put myself at risk of HIV
As well as other STDs like the deadly HPV

What will happen If i ask them to insert on me an IUD?
From all my worries, will i be free?
No, they tell me. I could abort my child accidentally
It's something that i might regret for all eternity

If all these fail, will I choose to proceed?
Or will abortion be a choice and a need?
No, they tell me, I will badly bleed
And may ultimately die in this evil deed

Now I understand and see clearly
Contraceptives are unsafe for you and me
Why will i suffer if I'm completely healthy?
It's just not worth it, it's selfishness and stupidity

I made a choice; I choose to be free
So I will not contracept, because I respect my body
I am a woman, a human with great dignity
I dare not desecrate my temple of beauty

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