18 March 2016

Eucharist: Source and Summit of God's Love and Mercy

It is saddening when we Catholics fail to see
That the Eucharist is one great mystery
Are we punctual? Do we participate actively?
Do we make it a point to dress appropriately?

We have to understand that the mass is truly a celebration
Of the supreme sacrifice of Jesus which merited our salvation
When as a community, we pray to God in adoration
We are actually in the company of Angels who glorify God in exultation

In the mass, we relive the very passion of Jesus in Calvary
In essence, the same, though the sacrifice unbloody
Unfathomable to men, but God makes it a reality
That in consecration, the piece of bread becomes Christ's body

The Eucharist is indeed the source and summit of God's love and mercy
Wherein we can receive Jesus fully: body, blood, soul and divinity
Whenever we receive Him, we are truly united with Jesus momentarily
Do we come to treasure this great gift of God to humanity?

So the next time we receive communion, let's make sure we are worthy
That we are there on time, that from mortal sin our soul is free
Let us try to receive Jesus next time with a lot more reverence and piety
So that one day we see Jesus' true face in Heaven for all eternity

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