21 April 2011


John B. Juat

I can see you love me; I can feel your heart burn
I know that to be with me, you deeply yearn
But don’t rush things, my dear, there’s so much to learn
It’s not an easy and quick step, you have to discern

Time flies way too fast; let’s slow things down a bit
Are you ready to support a family? Are you fit?
Are you sure that right now you are ready to commit?
Because once you make that decision, there’s no such thing as “I quit”

Are you man enough to accept me wholeheartedly?
Are you willing to help bring up the children God will grant me?
IF you are after our future, and not only my body
Then wait for me, my dear, wait for me patiently

Are you already capable of being a father?
If you are not yet ready, then why bother?
First you have to build your character
Before we can live happily ever after

If you truly love me, patiently wait
For our moment to unfold – our perfect date
Trust me, love, it is never too late
That’s because I’m worth it. I’m worth the long wait

If indeed your love for me is sincere
Wait for me patiently and have no fear
It may be difficult; you may have to shed a tear
But endure it for me; it’s worth it, my dear

Even if it may be very difficult to understand
Make your choice firm; Make a stand
Wait some time; I hope you try to understand
When the time comes, I will take your hand

It’s a dreadful process; it’s a bumpy ride
I know just how painful it is deep inside
But endure it for me and I’ll always be by your side
For all eternity as soon as I say “Yes. I’ll be your bride”

It is tough because I want to be sure
That your love for me is true and pure
If all these sacrifices for me, you endure
I believe that together we’ll have a good future

Trust in God that someday, together we will be
Working hand in hand, we will raise our family
If you improve yourself first, you will understand clearly
God will be the one to write our perfect love story

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