08 August 2011


By John B. Juat

Your hazelnut eyes and killer smile
Make my heart melt and be a man of wile
Your hair black as a moonless night
I can’t resist you, I won’t give up this fight

Never in my life have I felt this way
I wish that in each other’s arms we’ll forever stay
I hope that we’ll never have to be apart
I’ll give you everything, my mind, soul and my heart

Why do you do this to me my dear?
I am terribly confused, I am filled with much fear
Should I fight for our love, or should I now flee
Before my emotions drown in this violent sea?

I love you so much, I cannot just let you go
But my heart dictates it cannot be so
For God called me to be alone when serving Him
I don’t know what to do. I’m lost. My life is dim

I’m sure it hurts you, but it actually kills me
Knowing that together we can never be
Its over between us, I have no choice
But i can no longer resist His lovable voice

Goodbye to you, my dear,
But God calls me, I hear

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