21 April 2011


John B. Juat

Why is there even a Reproductive Health Bill?
Making available condoms, IUD, and the so called "pill"
It is against justice, against rights, and against free will
Money is what they want; who cares if the unborn they might kill?

What seems to be so wrong with pregnancy?
A pregnant woman is completely normal and healthy
To bring forth life is a result of true charity
The power to procreate is a great gift God has given humanity

This particular bill will degrade a woman's self-worth
Making her believe that it is a disease to give birth
Women were designed for this as to fill the earth
Not to be selfish and invest on what will prevent birth

Respect, respect, respect the human body
It is created by God, and thus we have dignity
If people will understand a person's sanctity
Why then desecrate the temple of utmost beauty?

This destructive bill should have no place in our country
It will only make things worse by destroying the family
By twisting values and taking away the concept of morality
Before we know it, we would have already lost our Filipino identity

This bill is not about protection of women, their rights and health
It's all about lust, greed, selfishness and unjust wealth

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