06 April 2015

a retreatant's prayer

A Retreatant's Prayer
by: John Walter B. Juat

My Lord and my God, my Perfect Father,
I wish to spend these days in silent prayer
I want to know you more, divine teacher
Intercede for me, my Blessed Mother

I come to you, Lord God, full of humility
I offer you everything; I want to be empty
I lay down my entire being, even what pleases me
So You can change my heart completely

I come to you Lord, wanting to know your will
Your divine mission, o God, I want to fulfill
Teach me to ponder; teach me to be still
That I may come to understand Your will

For the sins I've committed, Lord I'm heartily sorry
Never allow me again to take sin lightly
Let my contrition be full of sincerity
So You can pour your grace on me abundantly

Increase in me Lord my faith, hope and charity
Cast away my fears, doubts and anxiety
Strengthen my will; deepen my piety
That I may be the best person I can be

There is one thing, Lord, I hope and pray
That I may love You more each day
Make me always imitate your way
And in your presence, make me always stay

In this retreat, Lord, I ask for the special grace
That my life will give you glory and praise
Make me love You until the end of my days
So that I may gaze at You forever face to face


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