02 June 2011

An Inspiring Conversation

by John B Juat

I don't want to live another day in this earth
I am nothing, I have no more worth
So much suffering, sorrow and so much pain
I just can't take it anymore, it's driving me insane

Come and tell me everything you wish to say
Tell me your worries, tell me what happened today
No matter how busy you are, find some time to pray
And I assure you, I will make sure things will be okay

Somehow things are still too difficult to bear
People do not love me, people do not care!
My hopes and dreams are crashing down, i can only ask why
Sometimes i just wish I would instantly die

My child, why don't you stop for a while? Why don't you pause?
And understand that everything happens for a cause
Learn to love and embrace My cross
And you will never ever feel at a loss

I am blinded by a lot of things, i can no longer see
I find it impossible to believe the earth is filled with beauty
There are a lot of things that i cannot understand
Lord Jesus Christ, please, take me by the hand

I love you so much. Right by your side I will always stay
You are my everything to Me, my Child. I love you in a special way
Trust in Me and believe that I'm here for you everyday
Hold on, have faith, I will be the one to find a way

Yes, Lord, You know what is best for me
I trust in your love, goodness and your mercy
I am lost, so I come to you, Father, for grace
That each trial I encounter may be for your glory and praise

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