02 June 2011

Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday!
by: John B. Juat

We are all passengers on a dangerous flight
Flying blindly on a black, moonless night
Due to heavy turbulence, the plane's struggling to gain height
How long will this agony be? Our destination is not in sight

The plane loses altitude at an alarming rate
To the pilot's controls, it won't cooperate
We're all scared; We don't know our fate
We hope conditions improve before it's too late

All of a sudden, the plane starts to stall
And our tears quickly start to fall
The engine sputters and makes a loud sound
It's almost certain we'll crash to the ground

Regret and fear fill our cold body
Tears fill our eyes, we cannot see
In unison we turn to God to hear our plea
To safely land where we should be

The pilot says "brace yourself for impact, brace"
Everyone on board has a pale face
We tell our God that we will change our ways
If He leads us safely to our desired place


We can compare this entire scenario of a plane crash to the situation in our beloved country. God is the air traffic controller leading the plane safely to our destination .P-Noy is our pilot and He leads us to our destination. He tries to control the plane and fly it safely. He tries to direct us to progress in our country. We are the passengers of the plane, awaiting progress in our country and hoping for good things to come. The heavy turbulence are the temptations around including too much freedom, the anti-life, anti-family and anti-youth bills now in congress. Our Filipino values are the fuel that runs into the engine of the plane. We can see nowadays that the values are deteriorating, and that explains why the engine starts to conk out, and consequently fear, anguish and regret follow as the plane loses altitude and is about to crash. The dark moonless night means that we are already losing visibility due to the constant attack to the Church and the family, leading to the loss of values.

For the plane to successfully reach the destination, there needs to be a cooperation of the plane itself, the pilot, and also obeying the commands of the air traffic controller. God leads us to goodness, but we also have a part to play, and that is to revive and uphold the values we have. If we do not do our part, it will be such a waste. It is not too late. Let us cooperate with God so that with one goal in mind we can surely experience progress, happiness, and peace in our dear Philippines.

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