03 August 2014


By: John B. Juat

In this day and age, how can one practice Chastity?
Is it even possible to live purely?
Yes. Go against the dictates of society
Go and struggle to be chaste, though it's not easy

Is it possible to overcome masturbation
Especially if it has become an addiction?
Yes. Be brave and go often to Confession
And receive our Lord frequently in Communion

What about pornography, is it okay?
What about to read the book 50 Shades of Grey?
No. Go against it in every possible way
Ask help from Mary. She won't allow us to stray

For young couples deeply in love, can sex wait?
If they wait for marriage, it might be too late
No. Trust God and in His plans cooperate
Save your body and soul for that sacred date

Struggle young people, bravely put up this fight
Don't take it lightly. See it as black and white
Be strong. Be strong. We will be guided by the Light
To carefully guard our thoughts, hearts, words and our sight

Go against the flow and feel no sense of shame
Run away from temptation and call on His Name
Make an effort to make our sexual tendencies tame
And allow us to be consumed by His loving flame

Do not ever forget chastity is a choice
Possible only if we listen to His voice

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