14 August 2014


By: John Walter B. Juat

One way to live the virtue of Chastity
Is by practicing a similar virtue: Modesty
It seems it’s losing its meaning in society
Everything seems to be so earthly

Modesty is when one dresses up appropriately
Avoiding wearing skimpy shorts or spaghetti
It is not at all wrong to dress comfortably
But remember to do so with decency

In practicing modesty, you can still dress fashionably
It’s not something limiting, you can still choose freely
It’s not essential that the skirt is below the knee
But be wise, don’t be revealing and dress responsibly

Practicing modesty, one no longer needs to worry
How people will treat you, what they will see
‘Coz once you’re covered, what is emphasized is beauty
Your true inner beauty and not your body

Modesty is also a training ground for fidelity
Because it allows you to see the other with clarity
Though it takes a lot of sacrifice and self-mastery
It trains yourself and the other to love purely

If you want others to treat you respectfully
To accept you as you are, not only your sexuality
Make a choice to struggle to live modestly
It’s a right choice. For sure you won’t feel sorry

Finally, modesty is a virtue that protects purity
And about seeing yourself with great dignity

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