10 August 2014

Prayer for Peace for the Persecuted Christians

Prayer for Peace for the Persecuted Christians
by: John B. Juat

Father God, King of peace, hear my prayer
To stop this systematic Christian massacre
Hear my plea, my perfect Heavenly Father
Intercede for me, my loving Blessed Mother

Look upon us with Mercy, my dear Mama Mary
Put an end to so much crimes against humanity
Protect the Christians, mother, those who chose to flee
Give them food, shelter, love and security

I beg you, dear Jesus, stop this persecution
Men, women, even children experienced execution
Raped, beheaded, hung, a continuous annihilation
Lord Jesus, please, have mercy and give us a solution

Asking the intercession of all the saints, hear my cry
I don’t understand this persecution, I can only ask why
Whisper my intentions to my Father, God on High
That this will soon end and nobody else has to die

Father God, accept this prayer for peace I offer you
I trust that in your great love, my prayer will come true


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