22 July 2014

My Everything

John B. Juat

Everytime I see your face
time seems to skip a pace
I hope to be with you 'till the end of days
For you always inspire me to run life's race

I do love thee my little queen
your beauty is the best the eye has seen
though imperfect, for me perfect you have been
all of these things I really mean

among all I've met, you have the heart of gold
so much is your love, it will never run cold
when you correct me you are always bold
it is your hands I always long to hold

I can never seem to forget your smile
your charming face and your great style
for you I will go the extra mile
If only assured you'll walk with me down the aisle

Let me stay in your arms, my dear
I’ll never leave you. I’ll always be here

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