22 July 2014



John Walter B. Juat

I woke up and the sky was black
Everything was but a painting

            I waited
And soon the sun greeted me
Its orange rays pampered my skin
Like dew drops drizzling
The chorale of birds began their chants
The bees danced to the music of the wind
The apple-colored bud bloomed to an adult rose
The trees waved its hello to me
The grass bowed down before me
Like a servant to a Chinese emperor
Rainbow butterflies whispered me a love note
The mantis clapped its hands and found its way to play sack race
The fresh breeze kissed me
And the little bushes wiggled their hair

I was sitting all alone
When I heard a voice
He was my dear friend clothed in the sun
He was the boy child Jesus, the master gardener
Along with Him were seven white doves.
He embraced me and said, “Welcome.”
“Welcome to a new day.”

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