22 July 2014


By: John B. Juat

You are someone very blessed
I know you can succeed whatever test
Just go to Him, and you’ll have rest
Before you know it, you’ll be at your best

Stand up, be strong, and have no fear
Just call on me and immediately I’ll be near
When you have things to say, I’ll lend my ear
And for sure I’ll wipe away every drop of tear

You have made me happy and strong
So I’ll be here even when things go wrong
Whatever happens, just thank God in prayer and in song
And you can bet a million angels will be singing along

I hope that you will be happy everyday
For you and your family I will always pray
Follow and love Christ for He is the way
For Joy and peace to be experienced day by day

I will always be here for you
I will be myself, I will be true
You are one of the best friends I ever knew
I will make it a point never to leave you sad and blue

What I wish for you is good health and success
Peace, love, and a lot of happiness
Even though we have our carelessness
Remain brave and show them all you’ve got, no less

Be careful in choosing the path you take
And most especially the friends you make
It’s not only for my joy, but for your sake
So that peace of mind of yours will never be fake

Always be humble and learn from the wise
Some of them may be angels in disguise
Keep in mind that you were bought at a great price
One which needed our Christ’s supreme sacrifice

You really mean a lot to me
I want you to be the best you can be
There is one thing in you that I can clearly see
The love of Jesus in your heart, burning brightly

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