23 July 2014

Thank you, Gabbie

Thank you, Gabbie
(a poem in honor of Gabriella P. Jose) +
By: John Walter Brown Juat

Thank you Lord for the gift of our dear Gabbie
For giving her a loving and wonderful family
Mitch, John, Matthew, you are truly blessed greatly
Because you have raised her to be the best that she could be

Gabbie, you have blessed us with your simplicity
Your strength and perseverance during your agony
Thank you Gabbie, for accepting this cross lovingly
Because through it, you have truly inspired many

Though we miss you beyond words, Gabbie,
We are comforted by the fact that you are now happy
Face to face with God, for all eternity
Forever praising Him; sharing in His glory

With the guidance and love of our Mama Mary,
From all pain and suffering, you are now free.
Gabbie, pray for us as we continue life’s journey;
Watch over us and lead us Home, where you are, safely

As much as we miss you, Gabbie, we miss you terribly
You will forever be alive in our heart and in our memory

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