21 July 2014


by John B. Juat

All kinds of suffering storming me
like a giant tsunami battering the coast
            broken families
            babies screaming within pleading for their lives
            street vendors eating only once a day

Meteorites are plunging down
crushing my hopes
            of a usual ending in a fairy tale
to a drop of water against the vast ocean.

Daggers are flying at the speed of light
finding its way to my heart

air turns to poison
the breeze touches me like a hurricane
a drizzle comes crushing me like a hundred elephants
and the heavens disintigrate into a dark abyss

I woke up          suddenly
pupils dilated
heart beating ever so quickly
catching my breath
sweat were flowing flooding the floor

i sat
quenched my thirst and screamed

"this is just a nightmare"

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