08 January 2015

Born God's Way

A message of hope to people who struggle to accept their sexuality
John B. Juat

On the 6th day of creation, God made man and woman
To go forth and multiply and to toil the land
God gave them freedom to do what they can
Except to eat the fruit of the tree, which he banned

Just like Adam and Eve, we are born God’s way
One woman, one man, complementary and made for one other
This perfect design for sexuality, we ought to obey
For He cannot make a mistake – our perfect Creator and Father

In this society filled with sin and confusion,
We forget who we are, our person, our sexuality
We brand ourselves as LGBT, based on our attraction
We can only be man or woman, we have no other identity.

No matter how strong the attraction gets, remember to be pure
And always ask for the grace to be guided by His loving hand
Do this and you won’t be judged, that I can assure
He’ll even bless you for trying to fight. He will understand.

Just as people say, God has given us the power to be free
To choose to fall to our weaknesses or to overcome it
Do not accept your struggles as your destiny, have some humility
And for sure, He will help you and give you merit.

Be not afraid to fight and struggle for you can persevere
Just remember who you are. Your identity and dignity
To those who say you cannot fight it, don’t lend them your ear
For you, friend, with God’s grace will appreciate your sexuality

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