11 January 2015


(a poem inspired by SAFE)
by: John B. Juat

prepare yourselves, soldiers, the enemy is near
put on your armor, your shield, and your gear
march toward the front line, there is nothing to fear
for we fight with our Master and King, He's right here

participate in Mass, go to Confession, spend time in prayer
read His Word and have a devotion to our Blessed Mother
fast and offer sacrifices, show your love to one another
for we need to be equipped, we need to be stronger

once you are equipped, go and spread the word
fear not what others think or say, let your voice be heard
call out for reinforcements, though we may be outnumbered
for there are a lot of souls out there waiting to be gathered

swing the sword against value-free sex education and pornography
be on the offensive against relativism and the new age ideology
shoot the arrow against abortion and the contraceptive mentality
strike the spear against divorce and the others that threatens the family

stand your ground and defend life from the moment of conception
be steadfast and fight for marriage as a sacred institution
be watchful and defend the truth that sex is for union and procreation
be on guard and spread that the people is the true wealth of the nation

be brave, Christian soldier, for this battle may be long
because the enemy is real and the enemy is very strong
but persevere, for this battle is between right and wrong
and since we fight with Him, in the end we'll sing our victory song

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