01 January 2015


by: John B. Juat

Walk with me, O God, and lead me
As I put my trust in You completely
For my past sins, make me truly sorry
and make me choose to love You freely

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, that I may see
And understand exactly what is Your will for me
May my actions, words and thoughts give you glory
Make my Yes to Your will be just like that of Mary

Do what you will, O God, and let it be
Empty me, Lord, and increase my humility
Increase my faith, increase my charity
Increase my hope, and me grow closer to Thee

I turn to you to intercede for me, my Mother and Lady
Take me by the hand and lead the way for me
Teach me, my Mother, how to love and how to be Holy
Until the time I gaze upon your Son's face for eternity

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