24 April 2011

The Procedure

The Procedure
by: John B. Juat

Little angels by the playground
Their voices gentle, making a sweet sound
Joyfully playing round and round
They're all alone, not a parent could be found

Warmth of human blood, suddenly grows cold
The unborn is not even given a chance to grow old!
These little ones are helpless but more precious than gold!

Though the procedure is only very brief
Is it really worth all the grief?

Innocent unborn die from 'the procedure'
People who would have had a good future
Victims of grave mistakes, love impure
Those who think pregnancy is a disease to cure

Unborn babies have a powerful voice
Speaking from within “Make me your choice”
Helpless and powerless, they make a silent noise

You'll be disturbed by your child's silent scream
Speaking to you constantly in your dream

Abortion is always a poor decision to make
It's a reality that we cannot fake
Once the life of your child you take
Only when it's too late will you realize you've made a big mistake

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