24 April 2011

Prayer to Jesus: Author of Life

Prayer to Jesus, Author of Life
(a pro-life prayer)
by: John B. Juat

Oh dear Jesus, author of grace
Lead us in this battle we face
Strengthen our hearts and guide our ways
To make this country a better place

Open our eyes that we may see clearly
How important it is to protect the family
If it is degraded, we destroy society
As well as the hope of progress in our country

Open our ears that we may hear
Your word which takes away our fear
Make us realize that You are always here
Inspire us to protect the values we hold so dear

Open our mouths that we may speak
The truth to those who are confused and sick
Make us humble and make us meek
Until we achieve the goal we tirelessly seek

Oh loving Jesus, Prince of Light
Be with us as we continue this fight
To give the innocent unborn their basic right
With Your help, we will work with greater might

Make us persevering in fighting this bill
As we fully believe this is not Your will
No time to be silent, no time to stay still
For it is Your people, too, they secretly kill

Oh Jesus, come into our hearts and stay
And let Your presence show us the way
For this bill not to be passed, we earnestly pray
Because it will lead a lot of people astray

Oh Holy Spirit, the Paraclete
Be our strength; make us stand on our feet
There is no turning back, there is no retreat
Because with You, Lord, there is no defeat


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